Performer Showcase
Jan 4th, 2019

Windsor Folk – Highlights of 2018 Musicians

Max Marshall

Fingerstyle Mayhem

Maria Goggin

Soulful Lyrics

Steve Dickson

Unexpected Gem

Dave Fox & Denis Bastarache

Music Magic

Our Showcase Performances

Twice a year Windsor Folk hosts focused performances
of talented musicians who previously graced our stage.

January 2019 Performers

Join us to enjoy four special performances from our 2018 musical roster. 

Max Marshall

Max is well known for his fingerstyle mayhem and lively performances. Fasten your seatbelt and enjoy Max’s show.

Max Marshall
Maria Goggins

Maria Goggins

Maria’s songs offer soulful lyrics wrapped within a wonderful performance. Come and enjoy this emerging talent.

Steve Dickson

Steve dropped in for a performance and blew us away. He is an unexpected gem who you will enjoy.

Steve Dickson

Dave Fox &
Denis Bastarache

Some times when two musicians come together for an impromptu set magic happens. We know you’ll agree.

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If you have any questions about the event please contact us.

Mackenzie Hall in Windsor
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