Performer Showcase May 17th 2019

Ken Dunn

Ken Dunn is a modern day travelling troubadour, giving social and environmental issues a voice in song, while reminding us to keep our loved ones and peace at the forefront of this precious life. 

Francine Honey

Hard-luck stories can have happy endings. Especially in Francine Honey’s world. The bilingual Ontario singer-songwriter is a down-to-earth performer also shares two fundamental lessons: You are not alone, and hope is always around the corner.

Cy Robson

Cy Robson is a well spiced blend of rock, folk, country, pop, roots or anything else the kitchen may serve up, and is dished out with plenty of soul! 

Keats Conlon

Keats Conlon is a Canadian singer/songwriter born and raised in Windsor, Ontario. Her music has a folk, indie, acoustic sound that has been described as alternately sweet and devastating, with an overall delicate, playful, and visceral feel.

If you have any questions about the event please contact us.

Mackenzie Hall in Windsor
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